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PVE and Levelling


Beside the different of weapons, player begins with level 1 of every matches, level up through defeating monster and other players.


You can earn skill point when you level up, similar to normal RPG, to strengthen your attack, defense, stamina or speed according to your preference to customize your fighting style.


PVP and Surviving


As the game progress

Players will have a higher chance meeting other players.

At this point you must defeat other players and survive.



Co-op Boss fight


This game contains various monsters and Bosses. There’s some special Boss will randomly appear and requires cooperation with other players to defeat them.


When the boss appears, the game will ask if player want to participate in the challenge, if chose to engage. Your character will be sent to special arena to defeat the boss together. The strength of the boss will be adjusted according to the number of participant.


If you successfully defeat the Boss, Player will be rewarded for some epic loots.


Become The Dragon-slayer


If you are one of top 5 player in this match.

You still have chance to win by defeating the dragon.

Become The Dragon


If you are the top player in this match.

You gain the Dragon Power. Prove your POWER.