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The default mode for regular matches with 20 players, in which each player must try to gain the most score as possible within 40 minutes or less.


1. Born

Player select one island From A-F.

Than player will randomly born at different spot of the island selected.


2. Levelling

Player will gain score from defeating monsters, other players and challenging bosses.


More area will open to player as the levels increased,


3. Survival

As time pass, players will have a higher chance meeting other players.

All participate must try their best to defeat other opponent and survive.


When player reached to certain level, a special arena will be opened and all players will be engaged into the final fight.


4. Final duel

According to the score, player with highest score will be transform to

Final Boss in the game fight against other players. Other player will need to team up against the special strengthen player.


5. Win the game

The Final Boss win when it defeated all other players;

On the other hand, if the Boss was defeated, the player with the highest score will win the game.


 15 vs 15

Game mode build for team players, in which 30 player divide into two faction to fight for victory.


1. Born

Player choose one faction.

And select one tower to born.


2. Occupy

Defeat enemy and occupy fortified point to earn relative buff.


3. Attack Enemy Gate

Trying to open the enemy's gates by any means.


4. Destroy tower

Destroy the enemy tower, reduce enemy spawn.


5. Dragon

When the faction having a crisis, A dragon will be spawn to help the player in need. Player can control the dragon after satisfy certain condition.